The next COD is titled “Infinite Warfare”

Relatively big news: Reddit may have just found the name of the next Call of Duty game (source), coming this November. This was posted literally just an hour ago, and it seems legit. The Playstation store, accessible from the PS4’s menu, had Call of Duty’s next title in the featured menu on the left side.

This gives us a few clues. One, that Call of Duty most likely is going to stay with the futuristic gunplay. Many people have been fed up with the future weapons, as we have had numerous games delve into this niche, from Ghosts to Advanced Warfare to last year’s Black Ops III. Some people have been crying for DICE to stay away from that with this year’s Battlefield game (hopefully), wishing that it would visit the older World War environments rather than follow COD’s footsteps.

Activision hasn’t released any information, but they usually do so around this time of the year, so expect some announcements soon.

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We can only speculate that this has something to do with the future. And probably that the campaign will theme itself around a “never-ending war”, judging only by how cliche most of the franchise’s campaigns end up being. That, or we have laser beam weapons that fire forever.


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