Grand Theft Auto 4 Sale - GTA V

Purchase Games for Up to 80% Off Their Retail Price

It seems that every video game distributor is having their own little summer sale for games. Amazon, in my opinion, is having one of the best this time around. Today, I’ll be going over some of the better games you can download for a massive cut off the regular price, often getting triple A blockbuster games for the price of indie games. That’s not to bash on indie games, however, as most of them are on sale too!

Note that some games for consoles are also on sale and I will mention a few of them below!

Don’t miss out on these amazing savings, review my list and save on the games you would love to play!

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Amazon Game Sale: Borderlands 2

Borderlands was a huge hit for me as well as other fanatics of the first game. This was an incredible play through and was absolutely addicting! If you want to read more information or check out the details, click here: Borderlands 2 Consoles and PC Sale

While the game isn’t on sale for PC downloads, you can still get it for less than 20 bucks for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and the boxed version for the PC.

Amazon Game Sale: Sniper Elite V2

Sniper Elite V2 is another sequel to a great first person shooter. If you’re fond of the sniping class in other FPS games, we’re definitely sure you’d love playing SEV2. Click here for more details on the game, as well as reviews and the amazing sale price of $14.99, good for 50% off the original price.

Amazon Game Sale: Bioshock Infinite

We don’t need to say a lot here. If you haven’t played BioShock Infinite yet, you need to check it out.

Amazon Game Sale: Battlefield 3

If you’re a fan of shooters, either this is the game for you or Call of Duty is. Pick a side, then enter just about any forum and talk about them in the same thread, I’m sure you will get at least 50 replies.

Anyway, if you’re still not familiar with BF3, read up on it here.

The game is an entire 60% off the original price for consoles, meaning you’ll get the boxed version at that price.
For PC downloads, it’s still a pretty astonishing deal at $14.99.

Amazon Game Sale - Battlefield 3If you’re more interested in next-gen gaming or would rather prefer the fourth iteration of the Battlefield series, Battlefield 4 is coming out on the 29th of October this year. While BF4 isn’t on sale at this time, preordering it gives you the China Rising Expansion Pack absolutely free. Click for more information.

Amazon Game Sale: FIFA 13

FIFA has been on sale numerous times so it’s pretty pointless for us to bring it out here. If you don’t know what FIFA 13 is, it’s a soccer game that competitively rivals another soccer game, called PES 2013. Read more: FIFA Soccer 13 PC Download Sale

Amazon Game Sale: Sim City 4.

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A lot of criticism has gone around for the new Sim City, but that was at launch. EA has fixed most of the problems, but if you really want to here what others have to say about the game, well check out the following product link.

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition with Rush Hour Expansion Pack

Amazon Game Sale: Grand Theft Auto IV

Just as the hype builds around the launch of GTA5, it’s fun to go back to the roots of where the enjoyment all began. That, for me at least, is Grand Theft Auto IV. Others argue that San Andreas was the start of the franchise for them, but for me? Well, the community did the best job at modding for GTA 4 and, at the end of the day, that’s what I really come to play for now.

Check the reviews for this game to see its awesome open-world legacy.

The Rest

This certainly isn’t the last of the sales, in fact, there are a ton out there. You just have to look around the site and you can find amazing gems for great prices.