Everything Announced During Nintendo's Indie Showcase

Today Nintendo surprised us with another Indie World Showcase where we got our first look at upcoming games from some of the worlds’ best indie developers. As well as a few stealth drops that release later today on the Nintendo eShop! Join us as we talk about everything announced during Nintendo’s Indie Showcase!

HADES (Supergiant Games) – Fall 2020

Supergiant Games announced that the fantastic rogue-like HADES will be coming to Nintendo Switch this fall. It will also support cross-save, allowing you to bring your save from PC and continue your game on your Switch.

Hypnospace Outlaw  (No More Robots) – August 27th

Hypnospace Outlaw takes us back to what life on the internet was like in the ‘90s as you crack cases set in the early days of the interwebs.  

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Spiritfarer (Thunder Lotus) – TODAY

Spiritfarer is a beautifully animated game about life after death. As the ferry master, you help spirits make it across and find their place in the afterlife.

Garden Story (Rose City Games) – 2021

As the Guardian of the Grove, you aim to rebuild a broken community. Gather, build, and fend off the rot with friends in Garden Story!

Subnautica / Subnautica Below Zero (Unknown Worlds Entertainment) – 2021

The hit indie game and its sequel are finally coming to Nintendo Switch! Explore alien worlds underwater next year on Nintendo Switch!

Takeshi & Hiroshi (Oink Games Inc.) – TODAY

A beautiful clay-like animated RPG in which young game designer Takeshi creates a game for his brother Hiroshi to play. 

Raji – An Ancient Epic (Nodding Heads Games) – TODAY

Raji looks to be a fantastic adventure game set in ancient India. The fantastic visual aesthetic dives deep into Indian culture. Borrowing from Hindu and Balinese mythology, Raji is a story about a deadly war between man and demons.

Bear & Breakfast (Gummy Cat) – 2021

Attract tourists to your B&B as you build and expand your locale. You may even get a few visitors from deep within the first. 

A Short Hike (Adamgryu) – TODAY

A Short Hike is a cute game about exploring your surroundings. There is much to discover. Meet the locals and even find treasure. 

Card Shark (Nerial) – 2021

Card Shark is a game about honing your card manipulation skills as you cheat your way to the top. Just don’t fail because there will be severe consequences. 

Torchlight 3 (Perfect World) – Fall 2020

The 3rd installment to the dungeon looter is coming this fall. Taking place a century after the second game, Torchlight 3 introduces you to new characters, dungeons, and enemies! 

Manifold Garden (William Chyr Studio) – TODAY

Traverse the mind-bending world of Manifold Garden. Solve puzzles while unfolding the secrets of these warping structures. 

Evergate (Stone Lantern Games) – TODAY

Evergate is a beautiful platformer set in the afterlife in which you guide a childlike spirit through various stages of the afterlife. 

Coming Soon – Haven, Going Uber, The Red Lantern, Unrailed!, Struggling, INMOST, She Dreams Elsewhere, Grindstone, GONNER2.

And Finally…

Untitled Goose Game 2 (House House) – September 23

HONK! HONK! The hilarious Untitled Goose Game is getting a local co-op update on September 23rd as well as a physical copy! Soon you’ll be able to wreak havoc at your local village with a friend!

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