How to Play Call of Duty World at War with a PS2 or PC USB Controller

May 16, 2013 – Initial Release.

So you want to play CoD:WaW but all you have is your old PlayStation 2 wired controller or a USB-enabled PC controller lying around. No worries! Versatile has helped us once again with this tutorial on how to play World at War with only a PS2 or PC controller.

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Get passed the break for the rest of the tutorial and the video tutorial by Versatile Ninja.

How to Play Call of Duty: World at War With a PS2 or PC Controller

This tut is fairly simple so we’ll keep it brief.


  • Your wired PC controller that can connect by USB
  • Your PlayStation 2 wired controller (either controller is fine; don’t worry)
  • A copy of Call of Duty: World at War
  • Ability to access the internet 🙂

First things first, you’ll need your copy of World at War to be updated/patched to version 1.6 or greater. How you patch it is not important.
This gives us the support of Xbox 360 controllers. The real magic of this tutorial is not the ability to play with Xbox 360 controllers, but to use your old PS2 controllers as such.

Once you’ve got Call of Duty updated to 1.6, use your internet skills to get the X360CE program. If you can recall, Versatile made an awesome information post on Xbox 360 Controller emulation right here on MysteryBlock.

Download the program and get it configured.

Launch WaW and get to the game console. Type in “exec default_controller.cfg” without the quotes.

Now you’re able to use your PC USB controller or Playstation 2 controller with the game. It’s that easy.

As promised, here’s the video tutorial if you need any more clarification or questions:

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