3 Things You Need to Know About the Xbox One and PS4

Get Ready for the Next Gen – 3 Things You Need to Know About It

The next generation and flurry of new consoles and advanced games is arriving at a rapid pace. We’re already seeing a lot of news about the Playstation 4 and the recently announced Xbox One. The Wii U is technically considered a next-gen console, so technically we are in the next-gen era. Us gamers are only awaiting the release of Sony and Microsofts next game consoles. So here are 3 things you need to know about the next generation of video games.

Thing 1: Games Will Get More Expensive

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There is a very good reason why I am calling these “Thing 1”, “Thing 2”, etc. and not “Fact 1”, “Fact 2”, etc. and that is because nothing about these newer consoles are facts just yet. Since they are not released yet, nothing can be 100% confirmed until the respective companies release information beforehand. Even if, there is still the large potential of change before the release date.

Top Things You Need To Know For the Next GenerationSo, games will most likely increase in price. This is thanks to the newer, stronger, and more capable power of these new machines. Obviously, it gives room for developers to do more with their games. This includes the increased amount of potential storylines, the obvious enhanced and detailed graphics, and more objects on the screen at one time. With all this improvement in gaming as a whole comes more time and work to deliver it, thus the budget of game developers increases and so does the price of their games.

Thing 2: Indie Games Will Flourish 

Sony has been the go-to market for independent games since Microsoft has made the process of publishing them incredibly hard for developers on their XBLA platform. With incredibly successful games like Braid, Super Meat Boy, Bit.Trip, and Bastion, there is no doubt the two big companies want to continue (and for the most part, expand) its indie game availability. Sony and Microsoft both have the same goals when in comes to the indie game market with Sony wanting to stay ahead for small studio games and Microsoft wanting to catch up and get more indie sales to the Xbox One.

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Thing 3: Graphics Aren’t The Only Thing

Everyday, I here the same common gamers discussing next-gen consoles. However, almost all the time the topic of graphics comes up. Sure, these new beasts have much more powerful hardware for eye candy, but that’s not all that is improving. With an upgrade to much much more available RAM (from the scrawny 256 MB on the Xbox 360 to the 8GB on the new Xbox One), developers are able to have more freedom in their games. This means more characters and particles on the screen at the same time, more paths and a less linear gameplay, a longer game as a whole, and generally a mind-blowing experience. 3 Things You Need to Know About the Xbox One

On GameInformer in their Opinion section for this month, the author writes that graphics is only a scratch in the surface of what the future consoles bring us. With more processing power, more RAM, and video graphics, there will undoubtedly be a noticeable change in the way games feel, not just in graphics or sounds, but the game as a whole.

So the next time your friends bring up graphic improvements in a next-gen conversation, remind them that improved hardware not only means better graphics, but an unlinear improved game style as a whole. Oh, and also be sure to let them know that prices will most likely increase. They’d love to know that too.

But before you plunge yourself into the future generation, I suggest quickly playing through your older game collection. This advanced era of video games will stick a while, so now is the time to play games from older generations, say on the original Xbox or for the Playstation 2. Maybe if you’re a PC user, play some good old Deus Ex. It’s getting late and outdated, enjoy ’em while they last. 🙂

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