Preorder Thief 4 on Amazon

I may be late (not sure), but I just found out that you can preorder Thief 4 today and receive free shipping! If you don’t know, Thief 4 is the new sequel to Thief: Deadly Shadows, which was released for the original Xbox way back in late May, 2004. That was just over 9 years ago!

Preorder Thief 4 on Amazon Now And Get Free Shipping Now, we are able to get Thief 4 for the Playstation 4, which comes out some time later this year. That means that Thief 4 successfully skipped over an entire generation of video games, the Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 era.

Nevertheless, I’m extremely excited for the release of their newest installment and have preordered it on Amazon for about $99. I was skeptical at first, considering the price of the game may get lower at launch, but Amazon has guaranteed me that if that happened, I would pay the lowest price instead of Amazons price today. That means whatever the price is for Thief 4 at launch (still unknown but predicted to be late 2013 – early 2013), I pay that price.

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The only difference between preordering it on Amazon and paying for it when it actually gets released is… I actually get to have the game on time. With the next generation of video games coming ever so rapidly, a new market is made available. So with the reboot of the Thief franchise in a completely different game era, I see a lot of sales and preorders out there. So I figured I wanted to be one of the lucky first players to play the game and fessed up my $99.

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It’s well worth it already. I got free shipping and a guarantee I will pay the lowest price. And I got it from a trusted seller, Amazon (not to mention they are also the promotional partners for a variety of next-gen games including Battlefield 4). Along with the free shipping I’m getting, I also get Amazon’s exclusive offer of receiving the game the day it comes out.

Below, I’ve included the link for a preorder of Thief 4. Check it out, you get a lot of benefits plus a guaranteed lowest price available. The cover art is not final as it is still a long way before it actually gets released. Plus, the developers did not release an official box cover for their game, but has released some quality content over at their official website,

Buy Thief 4 on Amazon Here