Epic Games Holiday

Starting today, December 17th, Epic Games begins giving away a FREE game for 15 days via the Epic Games Store! You read that right! 15! Say what you will about Epic Games versus Steam, but Epic Games has truly given gamers a reason to visit its storefront by giving gamers a free game every day for the holiday season. They have already been giving away FREE games weekly all year. 

Personally, I’ve saved hundreds of dollars on some fantastic games. Epic Games has given away some exceptional titles, including Celeste, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, and most recently, Pillars of Eternity – Definitive Edition! It’s quickly become my favorite PC game storefront. 

Although each game will remain a mystery until it is ‘unboxed’ on the store, we have no doubt that there will be some great titles! Starting with the amazing well-reviewed city-sim, Cities: Skylines. Free until tomorrow! Not only that but the Epic Games Store is also holding a Holiday Sale! Starting today where you can get limitless $10 coupons! That means anytime you make a purchase you will automatically get a $10 coupon towards your purchase! Even if the game is already discounted in the store!

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So if you’re looking for some free games or looking to buy some new titles this holiday season, be sure to check out what the Epic Game Store has to offer.

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